Print Your Own Tattoos

This is just a little review of something that I bought for no reason other than the little kid in me wanted it. I don’t have any real tattoos because I have commitment issues, but I’ve always wanted one. I still remember my first temporary tattoo. It was a pterodactyl that came out of a box of frozen corn dogs. So I was really excited to find out that you can print your own! This is Silhouette’s printable tattoo paper.


It’s obviously made for a silhouette, but it prints with just a regular inkjet printer and the only difference is that you have to cut it out yourself. You can buy this stuff for about $10 on amazon or $7 on a sweet sale at JoAnn (or whatever other craft store you have near you) which is where I got mine. It comes with two 8.5×11 sheets.

First you have to create your image (or find one to print). I like to draw my own in Photoshop because that’s just the way I roll. Just make sure to mirror your images!


Print it on your inkjet printer, press on the clear plastic, then cut out around the tattoo. When you’re ready to apply, peel off the clear plastic.


Then press the tattoo on your skin (printed side down) and cover with a wet cloth.


When the paper is saturated, peel off the paper. And Voila! You made your own tattoo.


This is the biggest tattoo I’ve ever done and in my experience, smaller tattoos last longer. Depending on the  size, it will probably last 2-5 days.