The Art of Thank You Cards

I remember a conversation from years ago between my father and his grandfather. My dad asked him what is the saddest change in society he’s seen in his lifetime. His reply: People just don’t say thank you anymore. I really took this to heart. I don’t ever want someone to think I was not grateful for something they did for me of gave to me. For my birthday a few days ago, The Boy’s parents sent me a package with little card, some candy, and a pair of earmuffs. Not a big gift by any means, but it meant the world to me. And I wanted to let her know.

I’ve been slacking on my thank you cards recently, so as I prepared one for The Boy’s parents, I made several more to keep on hand. I’ve learned over the years, that that is the secret. Always have a few cards and stamps handy because you aren’t very likely to make it to the store/post office like you promise yourself. Plus its better to write it when you feel it. It’s hard enough to find the perfect words for inside a card without waiting until all the feelings are gone and whatever that thing was that you were grateful for is a distant memory (that isn’t saying you shouldn’t write it anyway, it’s just harder).

So here’s my stack of 12. It should last me a while and hopefully when I run out, I’ll have the time to make some more by hand.


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