How To Triple Your Jo-Ann Coupons

Jo-Ann is awesome as far as coupons go. They offer so many coupons that there is practically no excuse for ever making a purchase without one. They offer four (sort of five) different ways to get coupons and I’ll cover each separately. After I do, I’ll cover the basics of how to use your newly acquired coupons. Also keep in mind that these tips are from my own experience and that regulations may vary from store to store.

It always helps the ladies (occasionally gentlemen) at the register if you already have your coupons pulled up and ready to go before they start to ring up your items, so it’s best to stay organized. I will discuss that below as well.

Oh, and don’t feel bad about using a lot of coupons, or asking for help finding one, or signing up for something. The employees are asked to encourage customers to sign up for coupons and sometimes have a quota that they are supposed to reach.

Email Coupons: I’ll start by saying that these are definitely my favorite. Here’s why. I usually get an email from Jo-Ann just about every day. Before I go to Jo-Ann I check my email and pull up all the recent coupons. If I have an email from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I can usually use all three! Here’s how you tell. As long as the number under the bar-code is different, it counts as a completely different coupon!


I usually get several in the week and I just save them up for the next time I go. Just be sure to pay attention to the expiration dates.

Mailer Coupons: These are mailed directly to your house. I have heard some complaints about this one because if you don’t use your coupons for a few times in a row, you will stop receiving them and you will have to sign up again. If you have stopped receiving them, you can sign up again in any store or here on their website.

Text Coupons (no smart phone required): For text coupons, simply text the word “coupon” to the number 56266 and within minutes you will receive a %20 off your total purchase coupon. If you ever want to stop receiving them, just text the word “stop” to unsubscribe from their text list.

Disclaimer: Certain carriers have blocks on these kinds of texts to stop spam from getting through, so in rare cases, you may not be able to receive these coupons.

Website Coupons: Coupons can always be found on (in the top right corner of their website there is a ‘coupons’ tab). These will have a different bar code number than any that are send to you via text, mail, or email, so they all count as separate coupons. Add them to your stack!

Competitor Coupons: If you still don’t have enough coupons, you can always use competitor coupons (with a few exceptions). It seems like Hobby Lobby has their %40 coupon going all year round, so pull that up and show the cashier.

Organizing Your Coupons: I like to keep my coupons in a folder on my phone (except the mailers obviously). That way the cashier can swipe through your pictures and scan them quickly, instead of having to wait for webpages to load. Everything just runs smoother this way. All I do is take a screenshot of the coupon and add it to the folder.

Percent Off Regular Priced Items Coupons: Unlike Hobby Lobby and Michael’s, Jo-Ann lets you use as many coupons in one purchase as apply (keep in mind that these coupons do not work on clearance or sale items). This means that if you have four cuts of fabric that are all regular price, and you have four coupons, you do not need to buy them in separate transactions to use them all. Each cut of fabric counts as a single item, so if need multiple pieces of fabric for a project, get it cut as one piece instead so you can get a discount on all of it.

Percent Off Total Purchase Items: The best part about these coupons is that they work on top of sale items. This means that if something is regularly $10.00 but is on sale for %50 off, you can get it for $4.00 instead of $5.00 with a %20 off your total purchase coupon. %20 is the most common amount off on these coupons. %30 is the highest I’ve seen and I’d say that this coupon is available every couple of months, so keep an eye out for it. Also keep in mind that you can use both single item coupons and total purchase coupons in the same purchase, but that anything you use the first kind on will not be included in the percent off the total, because a discount has already been applied. Basically you can only use one discount on each item. One other thing to remember is that when you are paying at the register, you don’t need to figure out which items you want each coupon to go towards. The computer will automatically apply the largest coupon to the most expensive item eligible for the discount. Which definitely makes it easier for everyone involved.


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