Fabric Covered Magnets Out of Scraps and Bottle Caps

You will need: Bottle caps; Fabric and batting scraps; Magnets; A hot glue gun, A pair of pliers

I like to bend the edges of the bottle cap so that they stick straight out from the base of the cap. This allows more room for the magnet to fit in the back.


Next lay one of the bottle caps on the fabric so you know about how big you need to cut it. Lightly draw around it with a pencil.


Cut along the pencil line. Then do the same with a piece of batting, making it about 1/4 of an inch smaller than the fabric piece. Depending on how thick it is, you might want to fold it over and cut two layers.


Lay your batting on the fabric and set the bottle cap on top of that.


Using the hot glue, put a dap of glue on the inside of the bottle cap and fold the fabric over, gluing it in place. You might want to do each of the corners first instead of working your way around the edge of the cap. This way your batting wont slip out of place while you’re gluing.

20151026_173103_resized 20151026_173303_resized

Now just glue in the magnet.


All done!



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